About Me


I am Daniel, in my 30s and I am working in Commercial Finance in The Netherlands.

I am triggered by P2P investing when I explored investing opportunities, since I got annoyed by literally receiving 0.2 percent interest on my savings account. Actually, corrected for inflation of c. 2% per year that implies losing money on my savings.

I started investing some money on the stock market by buying regular stocks and ETFs. Next step was to diversify my portfolio and I started reading about crowdlending or P2P lending. Just to clarify, investing my 10k in these platforms is not a full bet with money I need..at least I hope I don’t 😉

My idea to use 10k as an amount to start a blog about is that I think this is a reasonable amount to invest in these types of investment when you have multiple investments and a regular job which don’t makes you a millionaire. Furthermore, I am a bit cautious about putting an awful lot of money on these platforms yet.

Follow my journey to receive an interest rate which will beat my savings account and the stock market.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to email me at [email protected].

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