My Portfolio

I am creating my portfolio by taking into acocunt my Golden Rules to invest 10k in P2P lending.

Currently I am building my portfolio and I invest now €4,250 in P2P. At this moment I am investing in these platforms:

  • Mintos – €2,000
  • Crowdestor – €1,000
  • Grupeer €1,000
  • Iuvo Group – €250

Mintos – Target investment €2,500

I will increase my total investment at Mintos to €2500 and I see them as one of the safest platforms to invest at with quite high interest rates.

Crowdestor – Target investment €1,500

This platform offers high interest rates for their projects and most projects are backed by a reasonable LTV component.

Grupeer – Target investment €1,500

I made my first deposit and will start building my portfolio soon.

Iuvo Group – Target investment €500

I start with a €250 deposit and my starting to review the platform.