P2P Platforms

A growing number of P2P Platforms is asking for our money. See below a selection of the platforms I ues to invest my money at to start my journey to invest 10k.

All investments are based on follwing my Golden Rules.

#1 Mintos (invested amount €1500)

The largest and most well known platform of my list. See my Mintos blogpost to find out my Mintos tips & tricks.


  • Largest platform with a proven track record
  • High liquidity due to a large free secondary market
  • Buyback Guarantee
  • Diversification possible due to a large number of loan originators


  • Loan originator Eurocent went bankrupt
    • Read Mintos guidelines when a loan originator goes bankrupt
  • Introduction of Pending Payments feature provides lower returns
  • Interest rates are not the highest in the market

#2 Grupeer

Writing in process! I will update this section soon.

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